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The southern puffer, which is not normally associated with

Kittens were born that day, Smith said Tuesday. Know they were not born in the cage because there was no sign of any afterbirth. They were no more than 24 hours old, likely less. The southern puffer, which is not normally associated with food poisoning around Indian River, is now the most common saxitoxin carrier. Fish and Wildlife experts are collecting puffers, shellfish and algae from all coasts to see how far the problem extends. About 100 species of puffers exist around the world, and Florida has 16..

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9 inch screen, larger than the first generation Kindle Fire 7

Use a soft towel to absorb excess moisture on your skin. While it is still damp and while the pores of your skin are still open canada goose outlet, immediately apply your moisturizer. Make sure you apply it all over your body. Coun. Lillian Szpak, who heads Langford’s protective services committee, acknowledged that the municipality is playing catch up as the growing population has far outpaced West Shore RCMP’s resources. „We’re playing a bit of catch up here because we have grown very quickly,“ Szpak said.

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Nov 2012 16

Legaler Waffenbesitz – Rechtstreue ist schön blöd, oder?

 Eine peinliche Entscheidung des Verwaltungsgerichts Hamburg macht deutlich, dass legale Waffenbesitzer erheblich schlechter dastehen als illegale – die nämlich können sich auf den verfassungsgemäßen Schutz der Wohnung berufen, rechtstreue Bürger aber nicht.

 Das Verwaltungsgericht Hamburg (4 K 724/12 vom 05.07.2012, nicht rechtskräftig) ist der Meinung, dass ein Waffenbesitzer, hier ein Jäger, der eine unangemeldete Kontrolle seines Waffenschranks in der Wohnung ablehnt und um eine Terminsvereinbarung bittet, so „gröblich“ gegen seine Mitwirkungspflichten nach dem Waffengesetz verstößt, dass ihm die Waffenbesitzkarte und der Jagdschein entzogen werden müssen (nicht etwa: können).

 Der Fall

 Ein Jäger bekommt Besuch von zwei zivil gekleideten Herren, die seinen ordnungsgemäß angemeldeten Waffenschrank kontrollieren wollen. Er lässt sie nicht in´s Haus – warum, ist streitig, der Jäger sagt dies, die Beamten das. Eins ist aber unstreitig: der Jäger hat sich auf sein durch das Grundgesetz geschütztes Wohnungsrecht berufen  und erklärt, die Herren könnten selbstverständlich, nach ordnungsgemäßer Anmeldung, wiederkommen und seinen Waffenschrank überprüfen. Die haben aber erläutert, der Gesetzgeber hätte gerade die unangemeldete Kontrolle angeordnet, und wäre er nicht willig, dann würde er ja mal sehen, was ihm passiert – Waffenerlaubnis und Jagdschein weg usw.

 Schließlich ziehen die Herren wieder ab, und die Behörde entzieht dem Jäger die Erlaubnisse. Die dagegen gerichtete Klage hatte bislang den zuvor geschilderten Erfolg. Einzelheiten würden den Rahmen eines Blogs sprengen, aber das Urteil ist rundherum lesenswert – zur Abschreckung, sozusagen.

 Aus den Urteilsgründen

 Die sind lang, insgesamt ca. 15 Seiten nur Rechtsausführungen. Das Gericht meint, kurzgefasst: Wer „gröblich“ gegen das Waffenrecht verstößt (§ 5 Abs. 2 Nr. 5 WaffG) ist „unzuverlässig“ und verliert Jagd- und Waffenerlaubnis (§ 45 Abs. 2 Satz 1 WaffG und BJagdG). Ein gröblicher Verstoß sei es aber, wenn man Kontrolleure nicht unangemeldet in die Wohnung lasse. Das Gericht bezieht sich dabei auf § 36 Abs. 3 Satz 2 WaffG.

 Dazu nur wenige, wie ich meine, „Sottisen“ aus dem Urteil:

 –           Das Gericht sagt zunächst: Die Unverletzlichkeit der Wohnung wird durch die Verfassung in Art. 13 GG geschützt. Die unangemeldete Kontrolle ist ein Eingriff in die Unverletzlichkeit der Wohnung.

 Na prima, denkt man bis hierhin.

 Aber das sollte man lieber nicht, denn das Gericht erfindet dann einen Denktrudel, der nicht nur den Juristen staunen lässt. Es meint nämlich:

 Das Grundrecht ist doch garnicht verletzt, weil der Wohnungsinhaber ja freiwillig zustimmt. Zwar hat er hier gerade nicht zugestimmt und könnte auch gesetzlich nicht zur Zustimmung gezwungen werden, aber dann hat er eben gewaltige Nachteile, mit denen er bedroht ist. Die sind aber kein Zwang, weil er ja (zu ergänzen ist: vor lauter berechtigter Angst vor Nachteilen) freiwillig zustimmen könnte. Mit den Worten des Urteils: er könnte sich zwar „faktisch gezwungen sehen“ zuzustimmen, aber das sei doch kein Zwang, weil er ja wählen könne, ob er zustimmt oder nicht. Wenn er dann vor lauter Angst zustimmt, ist das wohl, für dieses Gericht, schön freiwillig!

 Im Ernst, Freunde – hat man so einen Blödsinn schon mal gelesen?

 –           Da staunt man dann schon nicht mehr darüber, dass das Gericht auch den § 36 WaffG falsch auslegt und falsch anwendet. Der sagt nämlich in Abs. 3 Satz 2 zunächst wörtlich:

 Besitzer von erlaubnispflichtigen Schusswaffen, Munition oder verbotenen Waffen haben außerdem der Behörde zur Überprüfung der Pflichten aus den Absätzen 1 und 2 Zutritt zu den Räumen zu gestatten, in denen die Waffen und die Munition aufbewahrt werden.

von „unangemeldet“ steht da freundlicherweise garnix! Aber das Gericht führt dann aus, warum das trotzdem gelten soll.

 Vor allem aber kommt dann im Gesetz ein Satz 3, der da lautet:

 Wohnräume dürfen gegen den Willen des Inhabers nur zur Verhütung dringender Gefahren für die öffentliche Sicherheit betreten werden;…


 –           Und erst recht wundert man sich nicht mehr über die Methode, mit der in diesem Urteil gleich noch renommierte Juristen ihr Fett wegkriegen. Die Kammer „verkennt (nämlich) nicht, dass es in Rechtsprechung und Literatur durchaus umstritten ist, ob eine einmalige nicht nachvollziehbare (da hat die Kammer dann gleich mal den Art. 13 GG vergessen!) Weigerung der Kontrolle einen gröblichen Verstoß … begründen kann„, und zitiert auch schön.

 Und dann meint es fröhlich: wer sich auf die fundierte Meinung von Gerichten und anerkannten Jagdrechtlern stütze, habe eben Pech; er solle sich doch mal „fachkundigen“ Rat holen.

 Wir sagen nur:

 Ja, Freunde, da haben ein paar nichtjagende (vermute ich einfach so) Verwaltungsrichter uns qualifizierten Jagdrechtlern mal wieder so richtig gezeigt, wo der Hammer hängt!

 Immerhin haben sie die Berufung zugelassen, sozusagen wahrscheinlich „aus der Güte ihres Herzens“ (Arthur Schopenhauer). Da hat jetzt das OVG eine gute Gelegenheit, das wegzuputzen, was das VG unter sich gemacht hat.

 Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.


2 Anmerkungen:

 1.         Ein vernünftiges Protokoll für Waffenkontrollen finden Sie unter, dort unter „Formulare“. Und

2.         eines ist doch klar: Bei einem, der illegale Waffen hat, darf ohne Verdacht und unangemeldet die Wohnung nicht aufgesucht werden – Art 13 GG. Da hat´s der Verbrecher echt mal besser als wir. Was unter anderem bedeutet: wenn man Waffen und Munition im Wäscheschrank oder unter der Matratze hat, dann ist das zwar ein gröblicher Verstoß gegen das Waffenrecht, aber das finden die Herrn in Zivil nicht. Denn die Wohnung durchsuchen dürfen sie niemals.

 Echt blöd, nicht?

 Mit Weidmannsheil


Dr. Wolfgang Lipps

– Rechtsanwalt –


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His mates took so long to free him that

My design uses a 3D printed fixture with a v grooved filament path and a pivoting gear axle made out of clevis pins. The pins are ground down to fit 5mm and 8mm drive gears. The cross drilled holes through both pins have the same spacing, so using one hole as a pivot point and the opposite hole to hang a weight from provides a consistent force against the filament regardless of which axle is being used..

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She inherited the ability from her grandmother

Notable Characters are: Melinda Gordon: Main character, co owner of an antique shop and seer of ghosts. She inherited the ability from her grandmother, and it caused her many problems both inside her house (with her in denial mother) and outside when her gift emerged. Heaven, and that her task in life is to help ghosts move into The Light.

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Boer slave farms where black kids are separated Replica Hermes

But for a subversion, note that the Angel Gabriel is severely tempted to have a sexual encounter in Under a Velvet Cloak, and eventually does succumb after the victory over Erebus. Excuse Plot: The first game starts off with the vague excuse of Kao escaping from his cage and then going on a quest to save his kangaroo friends, and then he’s thrown into a collection of levels that rarely are connected to each other.

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Nov 2012 07

Came Back Strong: After getting demolished by Sirak Bane is

A credit card lawsuit dismissed with prejudice means that a debtor cannot press charges for the same debt again. On the other hand, a credit card lawsuit dismissed without prejudice means you may get sued for the same debt in the future. There are cases wherein a debt collector who can’t prove the debt’s ownership will offer the debtor a dismissal without prejudice. This means if you agree to settle the credit card lawsuit make sure you choose a dismissal with prejudice so the collector cannot sue you for the same debt again.

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Falabella Replica Bags Once you are accustomed to this new status as a conscious agent, you become the co creator of reality, along with other human beings and consciousness itself. All participation in life is actually an expression of the same cosmic consciousness. How this develops requires considerable discussion and explanation, but the point is clear enough. Only as free agents are we entirely human. If we deny or forget that we are active participants in how reality unfolds, then we are little more than the puppets of mechanical processes in the brain, the body in general, and „out there“ in the mechanism of the physical universe. Mainstream science maintains that „of course“ a human being is formed from these same physical processes, and many scientists would claim that there is nothing more to say Falabella Replica Bags.

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The Phantom 30k changes shape based on what attack pattern it

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Everything’s Better with Dinosaurs: Croco. Gameplay and Story Integration: We are told by the game’s webpage that Eryi is a masochist and Farta is a sadist who is in love with Eryi. It definitely makes sense, considering how this game is choke full of traps and Eryi manages to cope with them without quitting it.

Replica Stella McCartney bags Black Vikings: Used in a gag where Malcolm cameos in a crossover review of Vikingdom. The whole joke is that everyone in the conversation knows it’s historically defensible, they just talk over each other so much defending the idea it takes a few minutes to realize this. Borrowed Catch Phrase: Aleister has some of the same catchphrases as Chester A. „I [unusual event] once!“ Diamanda also on occasionally uses the M. So she lets a newspaper cover the story. Replica Stella McCartney bags

Replica bags Electronic Eyes: The Cyber Eyes implant and EYE Vision. Elite Mooks: Federation Special Forces are equipped with energy weapons, which no other faction in the game has access to (the sniper variant has a long range continuous laser beam, while the soldier variant fires explosive energy grenades); they also have cloaking devices as well as energy shields that let them withstand several hits before falling. Replica bags

Falabella Replica Bags Lots of Muslim fanatics appeared, and saved more americans from loosing their jobs in the war industry. What do we do to dismantle US (economic) dependecy on war?I have been reading Just Kids and I feel like I know you and Robert personally. It is the warmest and most heartfelt story. Falabella Replica Bags

Hermes Replica Handbags Grave Robbing: The film opens with Simon’s alcoholic assistant digging up a specimen for his studies. A constable catches him on the act, leading to Simon’s capture and trip to the asylum. Grievous Bottley Harm: While he was alive, Schneider had a fascination with broken glass, which led him to stab people with broken bottles. Hermes Replica Handbags

Replica Designer Handbags This is used to justify how he died from a single bullet. The Glasses Come Off YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! Good Thing You Can Heal Dia, we love you. Godzilla Threshold: Refereed to as the ‚Arisoto Threshold‘ in the Sequel. If things ever get to the point of no victory in sight, Minatos will break the Great Seal, which will allow Nyx to try and destroy the world again, but will also free Minato so he can stomp the other threat into dust. Replica Designer Handbags

Replica Goyard Bags Self Imposed Challenge: Bosses are to be fought with bullets only. This trope is so ingrained in many players that they make bosses with this in mind. Sequential Boss: Fraxy is up to the ears in these. The Phantom 30k changes shape based on what attack pattern it wants to use next. Replica Goyard Bags

Replica Valentino bags Peter Sellers, who played Grand in the film (it was adapted from an earlier novel), was an excellent real life example of this. In particular his passion for cars was so infamous it was referenced in The Goon Show and a sight gag in the short film Simon, Simon (his lovely sports car is run into; he steps out, snaps his fingers, and a new one in a different color is wheeled out for him to drive off in). His poor money management due to his tastes left him almost insolvent in the early 1970s. He was also a practical joker, but less cruel and destructive than Grand. Replica Valentino bags

wholesale replica handbags He is so quirky, especially in his first and last appearances, that it makes you wonder how he even became an agent. However, he isn’t as dumb as he seems, since he knows the Keatons are lying successfully follows Alex to the airport and while he doesn’t make an arrest, he prevents a „known criminal“ from fleeing the state. wholesale replica handbags

Valentin replica Yes, you’re right. We’re facing some possible big life changes at the moment and I’m using the „one day at a time“ theory a fair bit. I don’t think it’s about that we ‚must‘ push our comfort zone but that we shouldn’t be intimidated by the opportunity when it arises. Thanks for your comment. Valentin replica

Hermes Birkin replica With access to the World Wide Web you can listen to any song online but downloading is still a convenient option as it provides access to listen to the songs that you downloaded and saved on your compatible devices like laptop, tablets, iPods, smart phones, etc even without internet connectivity. It is investing minimal amount for listening to songs forever and the cost of downloading is much lesser when compared to the cost of buying a CD Hermes Birkin replica.

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While Cairns said her final product will be kept secret until

Private First Class Zachery Nathanial Fuller, 23, was from Palmetto, Fla. He joined the military in November and was assigned toFort Hoodin April. He was awarded the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Medal, as well as his service ribbon.

silicone mould Latest image of the far side of the Sun based on high resolution STEREO data, taken on February 2, 2011 at 23:56 UT when there was still a small gap between the STEREO Ahead and Behind data. This gap will start to close on February 6, 2011, when the spacecraft achieve 180 degree separation, and will completely close over the next several days. Less. silicone mould

baking tools I will have to start addressing you people in tones of more deference and respect. As in, calling you „boss.“ According to what I read, the time is coming when many, or maybe all, of you will be newspaper editors. I have long suspected that newspapers in their current form aren’t going to hang around forever. baking tools

kitchenware The address is 201 Cushion Peak Road. Parking is free but tickets will need to be purchased for activities. Tickets are $1 each or 12 for $10.. Post taste changed over the years, Eubanks said, the Stickley and arts and crafts style that her father liked to her true love, Russian Imperial objets and 18th century French furniture. Of those French favorites also are on the block, including a circa 1780 Louis XVI carved and gilt beechwood boudeuse that was purchased from Maurice Chalom, Paris, by Marjorie Merriweather Post middle daughter baking tools, Eleanor, as a gift for her mother and used intermittently at Hillwood, estimated to bring $3,000 $4,000; and a set of eight Louis XV style fruitwood and silk upholstered dining chairs that were part of an extensive set of 30 chairs ordered in 1957 through the New York interior design firm French Co. For use in Hillwood dining room.. kitchenware

plastic mould At 12:44 23rd Jun 2012, annakarenina wrote: BBC Food is so unique in every way.Complain about this comment (Comment number 5)Search term:BBC navigation News Sport Weather iPlayer TV Radio MoreCBBC CBeebies Comedy Food History Learning Music Science Nature Local Northern Ireland Scotland Wales Full A Z of BBC sitesBBC links Mobile site Terms of Use About the BBC Privacy Accessibility Help Cookies Contact the BBC Parental GuidanceBBC 2014 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. plastic mould

bakeware factory Someone in Austin is gonna pay for this. When the all female roller derby leagues of Central Texas reared their heads during our college days, we thought it was novel enough after all, we almost went to a match once to catch And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Thankfully, we abstained, so we can’t count ourselves responsible for the derby’s spread to DFW and beyond. bakeware factory

fondant tools The oak and the acorn symbolize strength and endurance. And we have a long list.“Cairns said she learned a lot from Middleton throughout the planning process. A lot of the flowers on the cake are actually within the architecture of Buckingham Palace.While Cairns said her final product will be kept secret until wedding day, she described her cake as traditional with a modern twist.In a break from Buckingham Palace tradition, Prince William is also going to have a groom cake at the royal wedding reception.The cake will be made of McVitie rich tea biscuits, a type of chocolate cookie fondant tools.

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Explained as being a childhood toy

You know this trope is in full effect in AC5 when enemy planes can fly through the goddamn ground to evade you. Explained as being a childhood toy, more or less the only thing she owned. Not only was he such a Wholesome Crossdresser in his youth that the master of the house stole a kiss from „her,“ he states that whether his partner is a man or a woman is less important than playing his role to perfection.

To his (very small) credit he does get a very subtle Oh, Crap! moment when he realizes who she is.. You have bribed, cajoled, and killed, and you have done it using loyalties on the inside. Horny Devils: At least three female demons (the Scorpion Woman, the Earth Flow Lady and the Jade Hare) are very beautiful Replica Valentino Handbags and want to achieve immortality by taking Tripitaka’s „yang“.

After Valentino Replica Handbags Mike Quackenbush took over as the Director of Fun, he reset the standings for the Campeonatos de Parejas. Crush Blush Replica Stella McCartney bags / Replica Designer Handbags Luminescent Blush: Both cases Replica Handbags of blushing have happened for almost every main character at least once Replica Hermes Handbags in the series, and its especially prevalent in part two.

Ai from Yatterman uses made up percentages to display her reactions to everything. At one point in Designer Replica Handbags the manga, the main characters Clover and Mallow discover the story of Santa Claus. One ambitious project, FFE D3D, aims to rewrite the entire game with greatly improved graphics.

Cassandra Truth: All of the characters automatically assume Hermes Replica Handbags that Rastan/Oigen is Leon, despite the fact that he corrects this at Replica Hermes Birkin every opportunity. At the end, Coops rebuilds him and ups his honesty to 95%. The channel Stella McCartney Replica bags initially was a dumping ground of either personal or Something Awful related videos under Lowtax’s „lowtaxico“ account until he decided to do a Let’s Play of the Survival Horror Cry of Fear.

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