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The American Federation of Teachers

canada goose outlet germany Very beautiful looking. 3. It is a gift that only some can experience(not everyone can have babies). Stick your finger into the pot or ground and check a few inches down to make sure the potting media feels dry. If you are unsure, err on the side of not having enough water. Most bromeliads can tolerate drought. canada goose outlet germany

canada goose clothing uk Vaishali Rangarajan, a mother of a two year old, said she first faced flak for nursing her daughter on her first flight. She said, „The number of glares and unsolicited advice I received from random people on the flight made me feel as if I had committed a felony. Through my photo story I would like to tell the world that nursing a child in public is not taboo.“. canada goose clothing uk

canada goose outlet mississauga I not sure if it done for that purpose, we have become a very material and about his outcome oriented society. We want to be able to see if what we are doing is effective and how effective the individuals are in that system. Maybe critical thinking isn easy to measure on paper so to our education system it doesn exist.. canada goose outlet mississauga

canada goose outlet canada En 1782 buy canada goose jacket cheap fue elegido como el ave nacional y luego como nuestro escudo Canada Goose Online nacional en 1787. Puede encontrarlo en el gran sello de los Estados Unidos con sus alas difundir amplia y un escudo de su pecho. canada goose store El escudo tiene 13 franjas rojas y blancas. Detour Synchronized Light Show at 5136 S. Pennsylvania StreetThis pleasant show is just a little east of the Kloewer’s house. The modest sized house is absolutely covered with lights, with a few trees and such for emphasis. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet store quebec Similar views are found in the writings of William Morris, the Victorian English artist and social critic, still uk canada goose outlet celebrated for his patterned textile designs. In the essay „Signs of Change,“ he welcomed the arrival of mechanization, recognizing that it might provide opportunities for increased leisure. But he warned that an ever lurking danger of aimless canada goose uk outlet degeneracy accompanied this possibility. canada goose outlet store quebec

canada goose outlet toronto Born from a love of cooking, deep Italian roots and a desire to delight patrons, Clemenza’s in Fort Canada Goose Coats On Sale Walton Beach encompasses all that is good about Italian cuisine. The restaurant offers delicious dishes that are a combination of authentic Italian food, fresh caught coastal cuisine and a little bit of Southern Creole spice. Be sure to celebrate the weekend with Mama Clemenza’s European Breakfast from the Italian Breakfast Panini, served Canada Goose Parka with canada goose factory sale prosciutto, eggs and Gruyere cheese, to the exquisite Lemon Curd Ricotta Pancakes, everything is cooked with homemade attention. canada goose outlet toronto

canada goose outlet black friday Report provides a detailed analysis that is an important step in the overall discernment process that Bishop (Ronald) Fabbro committed to last October, Couto said. We want to keep our focus on that process, we are very appreciative of the offer from Mr. Quesnel. canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose outlet real Many teachers found his cheap Canada Goose policies to be so abhorrent and detrimental to education and Canada Goose sale their profession that the National cheap canada goose uk Education Association, the largest teacher union and the biggest labor union in the country, called for him to step down in 2014. The American Federation of Teachers, the second largest teacher union, came close to doing the same thing in the buy canada goose jacket same year. The unions were big Obama supporters, incidentally. canada goose outlet real

canada goose shop uk It was perfect. Albie’s face lit up as soon as he laid eyes on the very kind Fat Controller. Every minute in his company was magic. Teie reisi eelarve see on ka ks oluline osad, mida testi rhutada, kui te hoolitsema hotellide broneerimise ajal. Kuigi palju vimalusi iga linna, kuid canada goose coats on sale kui avastatakse hotels ige teie jaoks on vljakutseks. Vite saada palju canada goose black friday sale veebisaitide Canada Goose Outlet ja portaalide pakub palju vga hea hinnaga Broneeri hotellid, kuid kui tegemist on lplikku hinnakujundust, lisades tasud ja kik nende tarbetuid maksud, mis hoiab need muudab teie eelarve rohkem karm.. canada goose shop uk

canada goose outlet hong kong Late than to be called Late Mr.“ „Better to lose one Canada Goose Jackets minute in life than to lose life in a minute.“ „Broken tools can be replaced. You can’t.“ „Check yourself before you wreck yourself.“ „Crushed hands canada goose coats or missing fingers may affect your golf swing.“ „Danger never takes a vacation.“ „Die Another Day.“ „Don’t get caught with your guard off: it could be disarming.“ „Don’t learn safety by accident.“ „Don’t watch her behind. Keep safety in mind!“ „Don’t wreck yourself. canada goose outlet hong kong

canada goose outlet las vegas Owner Tassos Athinaios is the grandson of the man who first let the property to Lawrence and Nancy in 1935. A shy, smiling man of 34, Tassos remembers Lawrence Durrell’s final visit to Corfu Canada Goose online 20 years ago. „He was shocked and angry at all the new building,“ says Tassos, pointing to the other side of the bay. canada goose outlet las vegas

canada goose outlet buffalo Big Corporations: Industries like big retailers will benefit from canada goose the new corporate rate of 21 percent, since those companies pay relatively close to the full 35 percent rate. Other aspects of the corporate tax cuts will be enjoyed by an array of multinational industries, particularly technology and pharmaceutical companies, like Google, Facebook, canada goose uk black friday Apple, Johnson canadian goose jacket Johnson and Pfizer. Taxman. canada goose outlet buffalo

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canada goose outlet phone number In fact, typically in the BOOT projects that have been undertaken, City Link, the Western one (I lose my numbers here in Sydney) most of these projects have had large stretches of public road thrown in to the nothing. So the idea that the very first slide put up by John (I think it was) that only commercially viable projects be undertaken canada goose uk shop if we have BOOTs is simply totally inapplicable to a road project, which has been the primary case where the BOOT system has been operated. We can’t tell from the fact that it’s profitable, that it was desirable, or from the fact that it was unprofitable or undesirable canada goose outlet phone number.

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If you happen to meet him try as much as you can to show that

what are the different types of neurological surgeries

hermes replica ‚They are coming back at the end of September for two days to conclude filming. They did four days here already best hermes replica handbags and we have been up to the Guinness Storehouse for a tour. They Hermes Replica came Replica Hermes Bags in while we were in the process of doing replica hermes belt uk the development plan which had become very big so we’ve steered away from that. hermes replica

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Are you a professional landscaper? Send a message to the mods

This is without a doubt a reference/Easter egg to the Sony logo. The fact that the two sections that „happen“ to be darkened on the gem match the two darkened parts of the Sony logo is not a coincidence. Nor is the shape of the gem either (which doesn’t match the shape of the gems on the portals from the original game)..

moncler sale outlet This is not a place to advertise your company. Blatant advertisement posts will be deleted. Please do not waste your time, and please do moncler outlet woodbury not waste our time.Your experience level Are you a seasoned landscaper comfortable using the most powerful tools? Or are you just getting started and could use some help with the basics?Pictures If you are able to provide pictures of your moncler outlet store area in question, a style you are moncler outlet describing, or any other helpful info in visual form, please do so.Are you a professional landscaper? Send a message to the mods with verification cheap moncler coats mens of your username on your business card, letterhead, etc, and we give you a PRO flair in this subreddit.Users with PRO flair will be added to the user list of LandscapingPRO, our sister subreddit for professionals.Please include a state and country to use in your flair.It used to be a parking lot. moncler sale outlet

monlcer down jackets The Minneapolis born Prince Rogers Nelson, 57, has a career uk moncler outlet that spans five decades, having first reached the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978. The release of „Purple Rain“ in 1984 made him an international superstar. That album spent 24 consecutive weeks at No. monlcer down jackets

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cheap moncler outlet Even though humans and monsters aren’t exactly the same, Esme and Roy get along famously. In each episode, the pair gets new baby sitting clients like Simon, the moncler sale outlet incredibly finicky eater. All he wants for lunch is his favorite fish and stinky cheese sandwich, but the one eyed family dog ate it first.. cheap moncler outlet

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Spasms of the jaw can make it impossible for you to open your

Canada Goose Jackets Health officials have tied the E. Coli outbreak to romaine lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona. The growing season there ended six weeks ago, and it unlikely any tainted lettuce is still in stores or people homes, given its short shelf life. Quinn is reminiscent of former Redskins long shot receiver James Thrash, whose two preseason kickoff returns for touchdowns paved the way to a 12 year canada goose sale uk pro career. Quinn, who caught a school record 114 passes at SMU last year, runs excellent routes and has great hands. Can he separate from pro corners?. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Online Getting the kids up, washed, fed, and dressed (it only counts if they wearing matching socks) is no small task. Add packed. 16, 2018″ > >Bounce around on one of our three favorite trampolinesLauren Corona, BestReviewsShopping guide for best trampolines Jumping on a trampoline is great fun, and it’s an excellent form of exercise. Canada Goose Online

Canada Goose Parka A canada goose outlet location fever is usually canada goose outlet locations in toronto not a bad thing it means your body is fighting an infection. But one that won’t go away and doesn’t canada goose outlet toronto location have an explanation could signal leukemia or another blood cancer. Your doctor should take your medical history and give canada goose outlet in vancouver you a physical exam to check on the cause.. Canada Goose Parka

buy canada goose jacket cheap Finally, not only is CPP expansion unnecessary, it also counterproductive. Forcing Canadians to contribute more to the government run pension will simply reduce the amount they save in private voluntary savings vehicles, resulting in little to no overall increase in total savings. This matters, because relative to private savings, the CPP is less flexible, offers less choice and gives a meagre canada goose outlet toronto return on individual contributions.. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats And it with good reason.Rick Porcello Hard On Himself After Serving Up Game Winning Homer To Light Hitting Greg AllenInstead of picking up the victory, Porcello ended up getting tagged with the loss. And afterwards in the losing clubhouse, he shouldered all the blame especially for the pitch he threw to Allen.Max Kellerman Is Drowning In His Brady Cliff Argument, canada goose outlet store montreal And It Quite FunnyTom Brady was exceptionally sharp in his preseason debut, but fear not Max Kellerman is still riding the cliff train.Jon Gruden Is Still Ticked Off About Tuck Rule, Nearly canada goose outlet store toronto Two Decades LaterJon Gruden is just as mad about the canada goose outlet mississauga Tuck Rule in 2018 as he was in 2002.Four Ups, Four Downs From Patriots Preseason Win Over EaglesHere are the highs and lows from the Patriots canada goose outlet 2015 37 20 win over the Eagles at Gillette.Tom Brady Looks Extremely Sharp In First Action Of PreseasonMight there be some evident rust in Tom Brady game? It didn take long Canada Goose UK to learn that answer was a resounding no.Hurley: Why Tom Brady Nick Foles On Handshake Is Dumbest Sports Story EverSome people are still mad that Tom Brady didn shake Nick Foles hand after Super Bowl LII. These people aren thinking very clearly.What To Watch For When Patriots Host Eagles In Preseason Game No. canada goose coats

canada goose store In Metro Vancouver on Wednesday, breathing the air was the equivalent of smoking 3.3 cigarettes, according to the app. canada goose outlet england In Chilliwack, residents smoked the equivalent of seven cigarettes on Wednesday. The rule of thumb, the app said, is one cigarette a day is the rough equivalent of a PM2.5 level of 22.. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket NM: You know how I canada goose outlet miami feel about Roller. There’s no way I can get behind a man who beats women, no matter how many episodes ago it happened and no matter how doting a father he appears to be now. Does the show need to acknowledge this dissonance? I mean, canada goose outlet official I would certainly appreciate canada goose outlet kokemuksia that but you could also argue that he’s getting the kind of complexity that’s not really afforded to the men on this show, both as the kind of person who could openly cheat on Desna and punch her bloody at one point in his life, and then months later (or is it even longer?) turn around and become a legitimately tender and concerned parent when his baby spikes a fever.. canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale Even happy couples may be living together without getting married, experts say. And more women especially those in their 30s buy canada goose uk and 40s are choosing to have children despite their single status. Fertility rates higher in every racial group, the highest among Hispanic women. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet Molds reproduce by releasing spores that can provoke allergic reactions ranging from the mild (itchy eyes, runny nose, head congestion, coughing) to the more severe (skin rashes and worsened asthma). „We have a prevalence of asthma, specifically in children, of canada goose outlet uk fake about 15%. That’s a very high rate,“ Dr. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats on sale Tetanus enters the body through a wound or cut. It affects the brain and nervous system and causes extremely painful muscle spasms. Spasms of the jaw can make it impossible for you to open your mouth. Tubal ligation is performed in a hospital or outpatient surgical clinic while you are anesthetized (put tosleep). One or two small incisions (cuts) are made in theabdomen, and a device similar to a small telescope (called a laparoscope) is inserted. canada goose outlet jackets The fallopian tubes are canada goose jacket outlet store cut, tied, clamped, banded or sealed shut. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose online Instead, pack bottles of water and glass juice bottles that you can recycle at rest stops. Pack these items with plastic utensils and napkins in clear plastic bags in a cooler. Place the one sharp knife in a plastic bag and tape it to the inside of the lid of the cooler for easy and safe access. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance Fed up with baking frozen pizza and toasting waffles as backups to every meal? Then quit. Tonight. Here’s why: Kids do not have a biological predisposition to reject healthy foods. Using complex algorithms, CPCSSN brings the data from these different EMR systems together into a consistent format. This enables researchers to use those data to answer canada goose outlet buffalo questions about the incidence and treatment of diabetes, hypertension, depression, chronic obstructive lung disease,osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases that Canadian family physicians commonly deal with.Launched in 2008, with funding from canada goose womens outlet the Public Health Agency of Canada, CPCSSN now consists of more than 800 primary care practitioners or „sentinels“ in seven provinces and one territory and the de identified records of almost one million patients across Canada. Each doctor uses an EMR to record their clinical care of patients by inputting information such as body weight, blood pressure, body mass index, health conditions, referrals, risk factors for disease, lab investigations and any prescribed medications canada goose clearance.

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Starting this year are 22 annual funds in our schools

She’s been dedicating her performances thusfar to the memory of her father. „I hope he would be proud I really, really do,“ she said in an interview on Australian TV this week. „Everything that I do in life is to make him proud and to make sure that everything he worked so hard for carries on.“.

Canada Goose Parka The film could have been so detailed and surreal, yet it relies on whimsy like the animated whirl of Beatrix’s parents stepping into a cartoon pumpkin led by four monstrous rabbits. It is missing that childlike love for nature and animals that Beatrix must have had, and in turn, forgets what it’s like to have an imagination.Not Harry’s mom.Starring: Ewan McGregor as Norman Warne, Rene Zellweger as Beatrix Potter, Emily Watson as Millie Warne, Barbara Flynn as Helen Potter, Bill canada goose outlet online uk Paterson as Rupert Potter, Matyelok canada goose outlet online Gibbs as Miss Wiggin, Lloyd Owen as William Heelis, Anton Lesser as Harold Warne, David Bamber as Fruing Warne, Phyllida Law as Mrs. Warne, Patricia Kerrigan DiCerto as Fiona, Lucy Boynton as Young Beatrix, Oliver Jenkins as Young Bertram, Justin McDonald as Young Heelis, Judith Barker as Hilda. Canada Goose Parka

uk canada goose Ennio Morricone is set to write the score for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. He is best known for composing music for a number of Italian canada goose outlet reviews (Spaghetti) Westerns including the Dollars Trilogy, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and Once Upon a Time in the West. The 86 year old Italian composer is returning canada goose outlet in usa to writing film scores after eight years away canada goose black friday sale but it has been more canada goose outlet canada than forty years since he worked on a Western.. uk canada goose

buy canada goose jacket That generic title obscures a surprisingly complex exploration of the real life events surrounding the fall of iconic American newscaster Dan Rather in 2004. And while the film’s script is rather talky (it’s like Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom crossed with George Clooney’s Good Night and Good Luck), it’s strongly made point is too important to ignore. And it features yet another storming, intelligent performance from Cate Blanchett.. buy canada goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk Ten years ago, the National Institutes of Health budget canada goose factory outlet doubled and schools like the canada goose outlet uk University of Virginia built massive new research facilities. A decade later, those buildings remain largely underutilized. NPR visits UVA in this story on the effect of federal binge and spurge spending in the sciences. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose coats But the travel played havoc with his regimen. A qualified PT since his teens, he returned to the gym and soon picked up strongman training. The appeal to him isn’t winning titles, but having a dedicated focus. Brydon said, „I suppose the difference is we don’t see that much of each other normally, so we would never go on that kind of trip in reality, and the conversations would be far more supportive of each other. They’d be duller and there wouldn’t be impressions and we wouldn’t be trying to push each other’s canada goose outlet parka buttons. We were in tears on more canada goose outlet than one occasion, talking about the passing of the years.“. canada goose coats

canada goose coats on sale The film’s opening section contains a beautiful spark of hopefulness as these young people face the possibilities canada goose outlet new york city ahead of them, revelling in their education and then deciding to do their duty for their country. The rising star cast packs the characters with cheeky humour, high energy and, yes, suitably repressed Britishness. But of course the realities of WWI change everything. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose store ‚We canada goose outlet nyc got the actual vocal stems from ‚I Would Die 4 U‘. The actual recording‘, Justin later revealed on ‚The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon‘. ‚And then we got uncut footage from his performance of it in Purple Rain and somehow, some way, by the grace of. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket Since canada goose jacket outlet this was so thoroughly reported in the media, and finely detailed in Alex Gibney’s acclaimed documentary The Armstrong Lie, there aren’t any surprises in this movie. And despite being based on Walsh’s book Seven Deadly Sins, the film takes Armstrong’s perspective, trying to get under his skin to reveal his motivation. John Hodge’s screenplay is insightful, building some strong dramatic suspense along the way, and the film is sharply well directed by Stephen Frears, a filmmaker better known for canada goose outlet store softer movies (like Philomena and The Queen). canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale They’re my grandma. They’re my mom. And I know that if you do a movie where the whole premise is, I want to know what it feels like to work for white people and to bring up children in 1963, I want to hear how you really feel about it. In a second picture, Ciara is canada goose outlet store uk seen lounging on a bed wearing black lingerie, also from canada goose outlet toronto factory Calvin Klein. In this picture Ciara once again emphasised her weight loss, writing „I feel so proud to say that 4 months after delivering a 9 lbs. 10 oz. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose Do it:Stand on a box or bench so your hands can canada goose outlet black friday reach thepull upbar. Grab the bar with your hands slightly more than shoulder width apart. Squeeze the bar three times. PEF has been working to establish an goose outlet canada annual fund on every canada goose outlet uk sale campus within PUSD since 2011. PEF provides fundraising, accounting, and administrative support to every PUSD school’s Annual Fund. Starting this year are 22 annual funds in Canada Goose Outlet our schools. canada goose

canada goose clearance sale Upon official canada goose outlet hearing the news of Cosby’s new law firm hire, Allred tells the Los Angeles Times, „Mr. Cosby has decided to hire 700 lawyers to fight one woman. Mr. Damn lucky, because it is greatly flawed. The film feels like it was directed by a first timer and reeks of amateurism. Jon Avnet is an experienced producer, but he’s certainly not a visionary director. canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap During an appearance on British talk show ‚Lorraine‘, he revealed: ‚Philomena‘ has done well and Dame Judi Dench has had another tattoo, seriously! She did a tattoo years ago and then she dumped me for Kevin Spacey then she dumped him for Johnny Depp and then dumped him for Daniel Craig but because ‚Philomena‘ is doing canada goose outlet jackets so well I think she’s trying to tell me that there’s a chance. Last night, she showed me a tattoo with my name and she flashed Oprah Winfrey it’s on her butt! She is so naughty, and canada goose outlet shop I’m not kidding. Oprah said, ‚I’m the witness.‘ “ buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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It the perfect gift idea for Christmas

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Sep 2014 24

Synchrondoublette auf Kahlwild – die völlig unnötige Diskussion !

Rottier und KalbJeder weidgerechte Jäger, der seine Waffe beherrscht, kennt die Doublette auf Kitz und Ricke oder Kalb und Tier. Nix Besonderes – ordentlich ansprechen, klare Entscheidung treffen und dann mit zwei guten Schüssen erlegen. Da das Muttertier erfahrungsgemäß immer nach wenigen Fluchten verhofft, ist das für einen guten Schützen jagdliche Routine.

Nun meint der neue Nationalpark Schwarzwald, seine „jagdliche Infrastruktur eignet sich nicht für diese Art des Doublettenschusses“. Der wird aber für gut und richtig gehalten, wobei sich die Begründung etwas, mit Verlaub, ulkig liest und sprachlich (und grammatikalisch) einigermaßen verunglückt ist – Zitat aus der Anweisung „Die Synchrondoublette auf Rotwild im Nationalpark Schwarzwald“ vom 22.07.2014:

„Bei der Erlegung eines Stückes ist immer zu beachten, wie die verbleibenden Tiere den Tot (gemein ist: den Tod) des Artgenossen erfahren. Bei Wildarten wie dem Rotwild, das positive, (das Komma ist hier fehl am Platze) wie negative Erfahrungen über Generationen tradiert, kommt diesem Aspekt eine ganz besondere Bedeutung zu. Das Entnehmen von einzelnen Individuen wie z. B. Kälbern sollte möglichst immer zusammen mit dem Muttertier erfolgen, um dieses Tradieren von schlechten Erfahrungen auf den Nachwuchs zu vermeiden („keine Zeugen hinterlassen“).“

Wir halten diese Begründung für die Doublette für höchst, sagen wir mal, diskussionswürdig und sie ist wahrscheinlich in Teilen wildbiologisch und wildpsychologisch (eine schöne Wissenschaftsdisziplin!) falsch. Aber grundsätzlich ist dann, wenn die Erlegung beider Stücke hegerisch angezeigt ist, die Erlegung beider Stücke auch sinnvoll.

Dagegen hat erkennbar auch niemand was!

Aber jetzt hat irgendein Unglückswurm im Nationalpark daraus eine höchst detailreiche und gelehrsame und damit typisch deutsche Anweisung gebastelt, mit der erreicht werden soll, dass im Nationalpark gezielter Doubletten geschossen werden können. Die steht in dem erwähnten ulkigen Papier unter folgendem Motto:


Wenn eine Doublette von einem einzelnen Schützen aufgrund der vorhandenen Gegebenheiten nicht erreicht werden kann, könnten aber

          zwei Schützen

          auf einem Hochsitz

          mit einem gleichzeitigen Schuss

den Erfolg herbeiführen.

Und dann geht’s los: Auf nahezu zwei Seiten werden erst einmal 9 „absolut zwingende“ Bedingungen definiert, die für diese konzertierte Aktion von zwei Schützen gegeben sein müssen. Zu denen gehört zu unserem Erstaunen:

–                  keiner wird dazu gezwungen (sach bloß!),

–                  es braucht gute und „nervenstarke“ Schützen,

–                  es müssen auch zwei auf den Hochsitz passen (hätte man jetzt nicht gedacht!)

usw. usf.

Dann wird die Durchführung detailliert beschrieben, die sowohl jagdliche Binsenweisheiten wie auch wunderbare Abläufe enthält. So wird verlangt, dass sich immer nur einer der beiden auf der Leiter befinden soll und die Waffe erst auf dem Sitz geladen wird – schön, dass man das mal wieder sagt. Vorgeschrieben ist auch für beide „taktischer (aktiver) Gehörschutz“; klar, weil die sich gegenseitig bis zum gleichzeitigen Schuss laut was vorzählen müssen, ohne dass das Alttier das hört – letzteres wird merkwürdiger Weise nicht angesprochen. Und das Ganze soll nicht stattfinden, wenn mehr als zwei Tiere mit zwei Kälbern auf der Fläche stehen.

Und was dergleichen Sottisen mehr sind.

Wer das liest, ohne den kleinen shitstorm im Internet bemerkt zu haben, wird mit Recht annehmen, das Datum sei ein Irrtum und müsse der 1. April sein.

Isses aber nicht.

Jetzt also haben wir einen kleinen shitstorm, der ebenso unnötig und in weiten Teilen ebenso töricht ist wie dieses Papier. Stefan Fügner hält in seinem Jagdblog (wie gewohnt wieder mit zahlreichen Druck- und Grammatikfehlern) diesen Synchronschuss zwar für effizient – was er ohne Zweifel ist –, aber nimmt das gleich mal zum erneuten Anlass, auf seinen Hauptgegner, den „Hobbyjäger“, einzuprügeln mit den schönen Worten, dass der Verfasser bei diesem Papier wohl vergessen hätte, „dass die etablierten (!) Jägerschaft krankhaft hysterisch auf jede Art der Effizienzsteigerung bei der Jagd reagiert. Effizienz und die traditionelle Jagd sind aus Sicht der Hobbyjagd absolut unvereinbar“.

Stefans Bartmühle im Keller, müssen wir nicht groß kommentieren.

Im Forum Wild und Hund meint ein Anonymus mit dem schönen Namen Horri-do, der seit Sept. 2013, also in einem Jahr, schon 695 Beiträge gepostet hat (!), „das beigefügte Schreiben des „Nationalpark Schwarzwald“, eine Handlungsanweisung, wie Dubletten beim Rotwild zu schiessen seien, sei hier zur Diskussion – und zur Mahnung, was Grün-Rot sich unter einem „Wildtiermanager“ vorstellt – freigegeben.“ Hier haben wir also den Dauergegner Rot-Grün.

Und so „wogt und wallt der Hader“. Allerdings relativ bescheiden, und das mit Recht.

Denn das Papier kann man füglich nicht richtig ernst nehmen. Wenn die Nationalparkverwaltung im Schwarzwald meint, der Rotwildabschuss müsse etwas forciert und effizienter gemacht werden, dann ist das eine Entscheidung, die in der Sache gerechtfertigt sein muss – wir wissen zu wenig über die Bedingungen in diesem Gebiet und unterstellen das mal. Wenn man dann glaubt, mit ein paar „Synchron-Erlegungs-Gespannen“ und derartigen ausgefeilten Gebrauchsanweisungen eine Effizienzsteigerung der Wildbewirtschaftung herbeiführen zu können, dann ist das wahrscheinlich ein Holzweg, von denen es im Schwarzwald ja bekanntlich mehrere gibt.

Das Gegenteil von gut ist nun mal leider: gut gemeint! Aber einen echten shitstorm ist das nun wirklich nicht wert.



Dr. Wolfgang Lipps

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Sep 2014 24

This will help to build a healthy and trustworthy relation

„I don’t see us pressing,“ manager Gabe Kapler said. „I see us competing and staying in the game to the end. We lost to one of the best teams in baseball.“Porcello on Leon: „No disrespect to any catcher I’ve ever thrown to, but he’s the best. Gun runners and war mongers made a kill as business boomed, smiling to the banks as the fire of the love for the AK 47 burnt with harmattan frenzy, catching up with every corner of the world irrespective of how remote, leaving desolation in its wake. Yes business was good, the cash flowed, the merchants of this now hot merchandise, reveling in their new super lucrative occupation, created more markets, toppling countless duly elected governments. They evangelized more places with the wisdom and superiority of war over the long tortuous path of dialogue and peace making, the fire had to be sustained..

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Sep 2014 23

“ Five episodes later, Sam and Jon chat about all the canada

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Sep 2014 23

Imparting all weve learnt from our time as Manchester students

In our Rock Star Party your guests will record a song in a professional recording studio with pro engineers and producers helping them cut a great track. Choose from a list of current pop and classic rock tunes, arranged for easy performance for students with little or no musical training. Ages 7 to adult..

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